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These materials provide a quick introduction to who we are and what we do. Please feel free to download and share. 

Meridian 180 Brochure

To read mre about Meridian 180, please click on the links below to view our brochure through Issuu. 

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What research does Meridian 180 focus on?

Born out of the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan, Meridian 180 continues to expand its role in anticipating and responding to emerging crises. Current areas of focus include global financial governance, environmental governance and nuclear energy, and data governance.

Meridian 180 Overview

Financial Governance

Nuclear Energy

How can I help?

Generous people who are about global collaboration, consensus-building and innovation invest in Meridian 180.

Our world is changing, and the challenges of today's interconnected world and digitized societies overwhelm even the experts. Disengagement is not an option. Meridian 180 brings together thought leaders from around the world to create the new ideas necessary for these changing times. 

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