Membership FAQs

Q. Why is Meridian 180 a membership organization?

A. Access to our forums is reserved to members in order to ensure that the community's dialogues are as frank, as open, and as honest as possible.

Q. What are the membership obligation and duties?

A. We ask our members to follow our non-disclosure policy. There are no other formal duties or obligations​ for membership. However, most members actively follow our on-line discussions and contribute to these, and make efforts to attend our live events as their schedules permit.

Q. Do members have to pay membership fees?

A. No

Q. How Do I Join Meridian 180?

If you are interested in joining Meridian 180, please write to

Q. Do non-members have access to content?

Yes, non-members have access to our book reviews, Meridian Beat articles, and forum summaries. Active and Archived Forums, however, are available for members only.