Our membership is one of Meridian 180’s most distinctive features.

Our 800 + members come from around the world and represent a wide range of disciplines, expertise, and professional domains. They are scholars, lawyers, policymakers, activists, and business professionals. They include anthropologists, computer scientists, economists, political scientists, sociologists, healthcare professionals, hackers, and legal experts. They come from 29 countries and more than 380 different professional affiliations.

We believe in the power of broad expertise.

The diversity of backgrounds, disciplines, cultures, professional experience and research interests of our members enables Meridian 180 to develop new insights and incubate new perspectives and research directions.

And the free exchange of ideas.

Meridian 180 members exchange ideas — in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean — about critical world issues. Our broad expertise incubates new perspectives and research directions through online forums and live conferences, which are disseminated in the form of journal articles, policy papers, and multi-lingual ebooks.

Membership Committees

Meridian 180's Membership Committees recommend and oversee policies, procedures, and strategies for enhancing our membership. Currently, there are five Membership Committees, each with a geographic focus. Each Membership Committee reviews membership requests for their region. If you are interested in joining Meridian 180, please write to meridian180@cornell.edu.

Our Public Members

Meridian 180 makes some profiles available about members who choose to make their profiles public. Members have access to our full list of members.