Accessing the new Meridian 180 Forums 

As of December 2017, Meridian 180 has launched a new forums website where our multilingual online forums now take place.  It is accessible only to registered Meridian 180 users. If you have questions about accessing the new forums website, please read on. Click here to preview the new forums site.

  1. For Meridian 180 members as of November 2017

  2. For Cornell faculty or staff

  3. For anyone who has forgotten their password or needs assistance

  4. For people interested in membership

For Meridian 180 members as of November 2017:  All members received a system-generated email in November for access to the new platform.  If you have not accessed the new forums yet, please click here login.  Please enter your email as your username and follow the "Forgot Password" prompts to reset your password.  After resetting your password, you should be able to enter the system and update your profile. If you encounter any challenges, please contact the United States Meridian 180 Team.  We will follow up with you to help you get access to the Forums platform. 

Cornell faculty or staff: If you are a registered Meridian 180 member and a faculty member or staff at Cornell University, you can access the new Meridian 180 Forums using your Cornell authentication to log in.  Cornell faculty/staff who are interested in membership but not yet registered should see the information below for people interested in membership.

Forgotten passwords or needs assistance: For any members who have previously accessed the new Meridian 180 Forums and do not remember their password, please go to the new forums site and click “Forgot password” and follow the password reset prompts to receive an access link via email. For any ongoing challenges with access, members can contact the nearest Meridian 180 base for language-appropriate assistance. See below.

For people interested in membership: If you are interested in becoming a member of Meridian 180, please kindly send an email to the Meridian 180 base closest to you. Membership inquiries are reviewed by Meridian 180 membership committees. Currently, there are five Membership Committees, each with a geographic focus. More information about the membership committees is available here. 

Meridian 180 Contact Information

문의사항이 있으시면 가까운 Meridian 180 지부에 문의하여 주시기 바랍니다.



AUSTRALIA BASE   호주 지부   澳大利亚   オーストラリア拠点  :  australia [at] meridian-180 [dot] org

JAPAN BASE  일본 지부   日本   日本拠点  :   japan [at] meridian-180 [dot] org

KOREA BASE  한국 지부   韩国   韓国拠点  :   korea [at] meridian-180 [dot] org

U.S. BASE   미국 지부    美国    アメリカ拠点  :  unitedstates [at] meridian-180 [dot] org

Thank you for your participation!